Our Mission

We strive to foster a community of individuals who are dedicated to self-betterment and being a beacon of light to those around them.

Meditation on a mountain with a sunset in the background
Why We started

Lots of clothing brands say that their mission is to inspire people or that they are building a community. But we do not see or feel that from them. It was a lot of talk and not a lot of action.

Transcend Apparel was created for those who are interested in becoming the best version of themselves in every aspect of life. We all play many different roles. This truly is a physical, mental, and spiritual existence. What matters most is community and our relationships with other people. Questions like "How are we doing service?" and "How are we living out of love?" are the questions we should be asking each other. Transcend provides the community to do just that.

The Clothing

Each piece of Transcend Apparel was created with purpose and intention. We spent two years finding the best fabrics and factories and adding key details to make each piece of clothing as impactful as possible in your daily life. We designed the apparel with a minimalistic approach so you can wear the clothing from work to workout. It may not look like there is a lot going on on the outside, but the details on the inside set us apart.

We at Transcend believe that the little things matter. We placed chakra points on the clothing as a reminder of our spiritual nature. You will also find words like meditation and motivation written on the clothing. This is all in an effort to promote mindfulness to our community. We want our clothing to remind you that you can transcend any obstacle that comes your way.