Getting the Most from Yoga

Getting the Most from Yoga

Getting the Most from Yoga

Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Overwhelmed?

The workplaces, nowadays, have become more stressful than ever. 

Yoga and meditation have been proven to reduce stress, improve athletic performance, sleep, and memory.

According to the studies, meditation, as well as yoga is said to be capable of improving vagal tone. 

Yoga is the most popular physical activity for enhanced spiritual enlightenment that also leads to the physical and mental growth of practitioners.

Yoga therapists claim that yoga is the key to psychological, emotional, mental and physical well being. It also helps deal with issues such as self-confidence, relationships, and more.

Yoga is available in many styles and adaptable to all skill levels. To begin with, explore a few styles to find the one which suits you best.

There are a lot of yoga styles that range from relaxing to vigorous. These include:

Types of Yoga


A yoga process that enhances strength, stability, and flexibility. An excellent antidote to stress that enhances respiratory and cardiovascular function. Some benefits include:

  • increased relaxation
  • improved well-being
  • gentle on the body
  • reduced pain
  • better sleep
  • better mood


Hatha Yoga - a preparatory yoga practice that balances the sun and the moon in you (Pingala and Ida). Benefits include:

  • calm down the senses
  • improves metabolism
  • improve concentration
  • improves energy levels
  • relieves anxiety and depression
  • Regulates blood flow within the brain and spinal cord


“Ashtanga” means eight limbs focused on a predefined series of moves that are connected through breath and movement. Benefits include:

  • still your mind
  • relieve you of stress
  • explore the limitless inner-self
  • helps gain a better understanding of the self
  • helps attain inner union and deep realization
  • helps alter patterns of unwanted behavior


Bikram Yoga is a 26 postures specific type of hot Yoga. It is practised in a heated room, beneficial in anxiety and depression. Benefits include:

  • reduces stress
  • improves memory
  • promotes better sleep
  • eliminates back pain
  • builds mental strength
  • prevents chronic illnesses and injuries


Lyengar yoga focuses on alignment, sequencing and timing. It possesses a tremendous capability to benefit and heal the body. Benefits include:

  • improved breathing
  • calms your mind
  • alleviate postural/structural problems
  • brings intelligence and clarity
  • release emotional tension
  • improve physical and psychological health


Vinyasa yoga links one posture to the next using the breath. Which means all poses in vinyasa are coordinated with the breathing, and there's no gap between any of the poses. Benefits include:

  • relax you and calm your mind
  • makes you sleep better
  • improves your posture
  • helps you breathe better
  • helps you be at peace with yourself
  • improves your focus

Yoga, Metal Health and Meditation

If one practices yoga, then they are most likely to have experienced the feelings of being grounded in their body, clear, calm and connected.

The 2017 National Health Survey identified yoga and meditation, as the most commonly used approaches. It reported the use of meditation increased more than threefold from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017. 

Yoga is not about just stretching. Yoga is a comprehensive practice for many life principles such as psychological and emotional healing.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is practiced by more than 38 million Americans and by many more worldwide.

Practicing yoga emphasizes the coordination of mind and body, and encourages to keep both engaged at the same time. 

Evidence suggests that yoga benefits physical as well as mental health by potential benefits in the sections below:

  • builds confidence
  • improving quality of life
  • improves sleep quality
  • reduces the stress levels
  • relieves anxiety
  • reduces depressive symptoms
  • lowers back pain
  • stimulates brain function
  • prevents heart disease

Psychological Benefits of Yoga

Yoga not only transforms our physical body but also has psychological health benefits. According to recent studies yoga could help strengthen social attachments, reduce anxiety and relieve insomnia.

Some of the psychological benefits of yoga practice are:

  • increase body awareness
  • improved sleep pattern
  • normalize weight
  • enhance energy levels
  • stabilize mood swings
  • improve social skills

Yoga During Coronavirus Pandemic

Yoga therapists suggest that since the coronavirus pandemic affects the respiratory organs directly, it is important to strengthen our respiratory organs.

Fitness experts suggest easy breathing exercises you can do during home isolation.

People are getting anxious about what is happening in the world, so meditation and yogic breathing techniques help improve the pulmonary function in patients.

Yoga brings mental peace which in turn helps in meditation that aligns our mind, body and spirit enhancing mental clarity. 

Getting the Most from Yoga

No matter what your yoga practice looks like, there are several baby steps that can take you much deeper and get the most out of it.

Here are some ways to get the most out of yoga practice:

  • Set an intention
  • Take your yoga practice beyond asana
  • Use yoga props
  • Study up the poses 
  • Try different styles 
  • Chat with your trainer 
  • Attend a retreat 
  • Practice at home
  • Notice how you feel

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